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Why say no, when it feels so good to say yes!

I like to talk, I like to listen, and I love to hear stories. 

Capturing moments as part of your story, whether it be for a growing family, a forward step in your career,

or helping you sell a home:

that    is my happy place!

The Nitty Gritty About Nikki!

I am a Ohio girl, which will always be home, although my heart is in the Colorado Mountains and my pale skin longs for the Florida sun. 

I call that well rounded. 

I am a wife & momma to 2 girls who run my world and keep me busy.

I can consume an unlimited amount of queso and cheese. 

Birds terrify me.

Coffee motivates me.

Reading calms me.

Why Coral Quill?

I started taking pictures as a child. I'm pretty sure I perfected the backward camera selfie and kept film development companies in business.

I had the opportunity to take something I loved and turn it into a business in 2016.


My ambition is creating a comfortable, professional environment, building personable relationships, and writing your story with pictures, one moment at a time.

Meet My Team


The hubby - Jason

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My High School Sweetheart.  Michael Jordan Fan For Life.  Entrepreneur.  Wonderful Dad. Colorado Mountain Owner. Sarcasm Is His Game.


Hayley Sophia

The Oldest.  The Most Stubborn.  She Has An Opinion; About Everything.  Loves To Read.  TaeKwonDo Red Stripe Belt.  Music Lyric Genius.  


Allyson Richelle

The Youngest.  Always Tired.  Loves Unicorns.  Miss Gymnast.  Math Whiz.  Baking Any Sweet Thing.  Shorts/Flip Flop Enthusiast.

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