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It Means More Than "Pink Feathers"

Coming up with a photography company name is hard. Like legitimately hard. Some people just use their actual name in some form, some try to get creative and use photography terms, or rhyming, and some are technical with their choices.

My photography career began with a friend, and she had a name from the very beginning that she held near and dear to her heart, so we went with it. I never gave it any thought. When we set out on our own photography journeys, the company name went with her and coincidentally, she helped me come up with a name for my company.

I promise there is more to it than just "pink feathers."

I didn't want to use my name. It can be difficult to spell and I didn't want to confuse people. Yes I realize it's only four letters but everyone thinks "Alt" like the button on the computer (insert eye roll emoji). I also did not want to use a photography term because I felt like they were overused or downright corny.

I wanted to name my company something that meant something to me. Something that was a part of me. Something I could share. Well that's exactly what we came up with.

Coral Quill Photography.

So what the heck does pink feathers have to do with photography or me? Well it starts with my grandparents.

I come from a single parent family, I grew up with a mom who contends for the "Best Mom" title. We lived just 7 houses down the street from her parents, my Meme and Grandpa. I spent every day of my childhood seeing them at least once a day. I spent weekends at a time with them and my cousins.

At this home I learned how to play rummy and became euchre obsessed. I drank more sugary caffeinated soda than should ever be allowed. I was never with an empty belly. I learned how to bake pies with crust made from scratch. I learned the daily tv schedule which only included reruns of court/detective shows, such as Matlock, Perry Mason, Magnum PI, and Columbo, and live sports, and my Grandpa was the controller of the remote.

I planted gardens every year with my Grandpa, creating the need to also harvest those vegetables (I became a pro at snapping beans and shucking corn).

I spent days taking my Grandma to Kmart, the only place she would shop besides Kroger. The females in my family even gathered at Meme's each week to watch American Idol.

To say my grandparents were my favorites, might be an understatement.

In 2004, my Grandpa passed away. My aunt, who we swore was crazy, kept finding feathers after he was gone. Not just feathers like outside where they belong, but in weird off the wall places that a feather would not just appear. They also seemed to appear right when she needed him too. Again, we thought she was cuckoo and just thought it was her way of dealing.

Fast forward to 2016, my Meme suffered a massive stroke just two days after a routine surgical procedure. The decision had to be made about upholding Meme's wishes. Her four kids prayed in the Chapel at the hospital to God and spoke to my Grandpa over what to do.

As they left the chapel and the elevator opened for them to return to my Meme, they found a huge beautiful feather laying on the floor of the elevator. They took this as a "sign" or a message from my Grandpa, that he was ready to be with her again.

After my Meme passed away, we all began finding feathers like my aunt had. We don't find them often, but again, right about when we could have used their advice or a hug. If you were a skeptic you might say it was because we are now looking for them. But in my heart, these are just a small way that my grandparents are showing that they are watching over us and telling us they love us.

Side note and random fact: I find it incredibly ironic that my Grandpa chose a feather to "communicate" with us knowing I'm terrified of birds. I'm not kidding, I'm so scared of them. I guess Grandpa's got jokes.

Ok, now that you have some background, let me share with you where my heart is with photography. When I take photos, I get to be a part of someone's story. This one blip of time in their life, I'm capturing and delivering to them, to remember for years to come. I'm a part of writing their story.

As a family photographer, I get to help "write" about engagements, announcing and welcoming new babies, and celebrating milestones, birthdays, and holidays.

As a real estate photographer I get to "write" about your possible new home or help saying good-bye to an old home with listing photos and developing and growing your career with head shots and team photos.

As a corporate photographer I get to help "write" about your established career with head shots and your expanding team or staff with group photos, and even share what you do through branding photos.

Well in the writing world, way back in the day, quills were used to write. Quills are made from feathers. Since I write your stories, with photos, one moment at a time...

Drumroll please.....that's where quill came from. Coral isn't that exciting other than it's my favorite color of all time and sounds kind of cool with the word quill.

Coral Quill Photography. That's me. That's one of my stories.

I'm proud of this name and proud of the memories I have to carry of my grandparents each day.

I can't wait to be a part of writing your stories, with photos, one moment at a time.

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